Client: Harper San Francisco

“And yet for me and many other scientists and scholars, the question of whether science has refuted the design argument or resuscitated it depends critically upon the central mystery of the origin of biological information. This book examines the many successive attempts that have been made to resolve this enigma—the DNA enigma—and will itself propose a solution.”
—Stephen C. Meyer

In Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, Stephen Meyer has written the first comprehensive DNA-based argument for intelligent design. As he tells the story of successive attempts to unravel a mystery that Charles Darwin did not address—how did life begin?—Meyer develops the case for this often-misunderstood theory using the same scientific method that Darwin himself pioneered. Offering a fresh perspective on one of the enduring mysteries of modern biology, Meyer convincingly reveals that the argument for intelligent design is not based on ignorance or “giving up on science,” but instead on compelling, and mounting, scientific evidence.