Client: Harper San Francisco
Illustration: Andy Weber

“People often ask me: How can I make time for meditation, yoga, prayer and retreats when there is no time? Should I get up earlier? Stay up later? Work faster or less? What about my family and relationships? How do I create spiritual space for myself? But there’s an underlying question: How can I give anything up? When everything in our lives feels equally important we begin to burn out. Even resting doesn’t feel safe or restful.”
—Lama Surya Das

Buddha Standard Time: Awakening to the Infinite Possibilities of Now shares one of the great realizations of Buddhism, an insight that anyone can learn to apply. The minutes and hours of our days do not simply march from future to present to past. Rather, each moment is intersected by a fourth dimension. By learning to live in this dimension—Buddha Standard Time—we reduce the amount of stress in our lives and find greater focus, fulfillment, creativity, and even wisdom.