Client: Harper San Francisco

“The experiences of people like my friend have been documented in numeous books on the subject of near-death experiences. If this is truly a glimpse into multidimensional reality, then we cannot ignore the message that all of these experiences share. We are all one on a living planet, and only our egos, fears and beliefs separate us.”
—James Van Praagh

Unfinished Business: What the Dead Can Teach Us about Life is based on over twenty-five years of spirit communications and thousands of professional readings, the world-famous medium James Van Praagh shares with readers the amazing stories of ghosts and spirits, their personal regrets, misgivings, remorse, and, most important, advice for the living from those who have passed away. These spirits have a great deal to say about what they have learned and discovered on the other side and how we, the living, can benefit from their experiences.